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DS: Visual kei and Punk Lolita sale from Japan (SEX POT REVENGE, Putumayo, h.Naoto, BPN...)

Hello everybody! I am doing a VISUAL KEI AND PUNK LOLITA CLOTHING MASSIVE SALE (SEX POT REVENGE, Putumayo, h.Naoto, BLACK PEACE NOW, LISTEN FLAVOR) because I have no more room in my house and because I need some extra money.

[[ RULES ]]
♥ I accept only PayPal
♥ My feedback is here
Prices are negotiable
♥ If you buy at least three items, you'll receive a discount
♥ All sales are final
♥ Items are all original
♥ First pays, first gets the item
♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide
♥ I am not responsible for any lost or damaged package
♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live.
♥ I don't accept trade

- Putumayo butterfly parker 32 euro

- Putumayo black shirt with white cotton details and emblem 33 euro

- Putumayo dark green skirt 38 euro

- Putumayo dark green shirt with white cotton details and crown print 33 euro

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- Putumayo half gloves black x red 16 euro

- Putumayo above knee black socks with purple decorations 16 euro

- SEX POT REVENGE checkered bandana 8 euro

- h.Naoto shoulder bag with Skeleton print 25 euro

- BLACK PEACE NOW white t-shirt with rose print 28 euro

- LISTEN FLAVOR salopette 25 euro

If you're interested in something, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Best wishes


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